Jaymie Gerena.
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 HEY sister, you've made it!

You're here because you know there is more to your story.

You are in the right place.

Ever since I was a child, I've been a dreamer. I have always felt super connected with a sense of knowing that I was created for more but I never knew what that "more" was. I have always been the healer, the helper, the one who just KNEW things without people telling me.

I knew I was different.

I wish I could say I had an easy life but it was the opposite really. I was the child to drug addicted, gang affiliated parents. I was molested as a child + made to feel as if I were worthless. 

That sense of KNOWING who I was slowly faded as I was immersed into fear, shame, doubt + self sabotage. 

By the age of 22, I hit an all time low. I was father-less due to drugs, brother-less due to gangs + a divorced, lost, single mom to two daughters under the age of 3. I was left with no job and no hope.

I wanted nothing more than to find my purpose again. I was looking for the light in the midst of a really dark tunnel. 

It was in my darkest time, 

I found my greatest identity.

I had this divine encounter with courage. 


I was so busy feeling sorry for myself that i forgot the miracles that lived within me. I finally surrendered and listened to the still small voice within me.The voice that said "keep going, you're going to heal a lot of people one day." It would come to me all the time! I knew my calling, 

I knew the work that had to be done but I was too scared to take action. Have you ever felt like that? Frozen in fear? I was terrified of what people would think of me.I was terrified to be seen. I was terrified to succeed. I was just SCARED!

As I Began to heal, the more impact I made.

The more my business grew. 

+ the more permission my vulnerability gave others to shine in their own gift.

I chose to RISE up and take control of my life.

Since overcoming mountains of adversity,I have built a successful business that has allowed me to live a life being my dreams

+ now, I am here to teach other how to do it too.

Your intuition led you here because it is ready. 

so let’s begin again, TOGETHER.